Welcome to the INTRAMURANUM  exposition!

The title of the exposition is a Latin word that can be translated as «a person, living inside a space, surrounded by the city walls».

On the one hand this word carries the image of cosy warm place protected from any dangers of the outer world. On the other hand, it’s an image of constrained existence in an isolated space. It was there, inside the walls, in the atmosphere of duality, where many people have spent last few months in a one way or another.

Existence in the self-isolation mode is a new experience to comprehension of which the exposition is dedicated. The exposition includes the works of Varvara Simonova and Maria Trautwein. All works were finished during the period between April and June of 2020 in a shared studio.

Use the room plan below to move around the exposition and inspect the works.
With its help you can go to any wall of RAUM³, and from the wall representation to the exhibits it contains. In order to see the title of the work, its date and technique, you should tap on the QR-code or move the pointer over it on the page with the exhibit.

We wish you a pleasant observation!

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